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Terms for Use of Enhancement Services and Customer Agreement

The following paragraphs explain the terms of use of our diamond enhancement services. Please peruse the following paragraphs before using any of our services or buying products online from our website or ordering through phone line.

When sending your diamond/jewelry for processing, please print and send the completed agreement form along with your package.


Prism Gem provides four diamond enhancement services, viz., diamond coloration by irradiation, diamond clarity enhancement, HPHT processing and Plasma Deposition coloring. Prism Gem provides its services to customers/suppliers (diamond and jewelry wholesalers, retailers and consumers) worldwide. Suppliers agree that all diamonds submitted to Prism Gem are from legitimate source and intended to be treated pursuant to the requested process unless explicitly stated. Each diamond supplied to Prism Gem by the Supplier shall be accompanied by a detailed written description of the diamond, including but not limited to its carat weight, color, cut, clarity, value (for insurance purpose) and other information as necessary to specifically identify such diamond. Supplier should request Prism Gem for any additional information it feels is necessary regarding the process in order to clarify any matters related thereto, and that in the absence of any such request, supplier will be deemed to have the information necessary to make decisions related to the process.

It is understood by the suppliers that the process of diamond coloration by irradiation and HPHT are irreversible. Clarity enhancement of diamond and Plasma Deposition color may be reversed in certain cases and can be done on request for an additional fee if necessary. As an add on service, Prism Gem does provide free reprocessing of diamonds already processed through it until the supplier is satisfied with the enhancement. This add on service is provided at sole discretion of Prism Gem and it has right to refuse free reprocessing if it finds reprocessing unnecessary or feels that the free reprocessing is being exploited by the supplier.

Quality Assurance

Diamond enhancements performed by Prism Gem involves diamonds undergoing extreme conditions. The diamond coloration processes (except Plasma Deposition color) used in our labs create change in color by changing the atomic and molecular structures of the diamond crystals. Through our research and studies, we have been able to control these changes to precise levels to produce appealing colors in the diamond crystals. We can reasonably predict and process diamond crystals to produce a particular color. Although we have good control and knowledge of diamond coloration, due to the nature of the process, under no circumstances are we liable for any aberration in processed color other than a free reprocess to improve the results if deemed necessary.

The clarity enhancement process also depends on the original diamond. Some diamonds will receive this enhancement better than others. It is difficult for us to judge how well the clarity of diamond gets enhanced without submitting it to our lab. But, our in-house experts can predict the suitability of a diamond for clarity enhancement after visual inspection and or analyzing written appraisals. The diamond after clarity enhancement retains all the hardness and chemical properties as the original diamond. We can reverse the process of clarity enhancement in most cases.

The coloration effect and clarity enhancements are very stable under normal wear and tear. Care should be taken of clarity enhanced diamonds and Plasma Deposition color diamonds as to not to expose it to extreme heat (above 500 degrees Fahrenheit) or corrosive acids and other chemicals. This may reverse or deplete the clarity enhancement/coated color. The coloration produced by irradiation and HPHT is inert to corrosive acids and other chemicals. It is also stable at higher temperatures. But it is advised not to expose colored diamonds to very extreme heat.

Process Turnaround Time

Turnaround time required for any of the enhancement services provided by Prism Gem varies from a minimum of 5 days to couple of months depending on the type of enhancement. The estimated time is based on the turnaround time taken by our labs in the past. Please contact our representatives for an estimate on actual processing time. We try to process and return the submitted diamonds at the earliest. But at times unexpected maintenance at our labs or other unforeseen incidences may delay our process. We keep our customers informed about such situations. The suppliers have the right to recall submitted diamonds in case they feel that the estimated processing time is too long. Under no circumstances is Prism Gem liable for any unexpected delays in turnaround time or incomplete process due to unforeseen circumstances.

The supplier understands that at times there might be slight aberration in predicted color. It is our company policy to reprocess such diamonds whenever possible or necessary or on the request of the customer. Under such circumstances, the complete process (including the reprocess) might take longer than the original time frame estimated.

Disclosure of Enhancements

Supplier hereby acknowledges and agrees that to each party to which it sells, distributes or transfers in any manner the diamonds processed by Prism Gem, whether pursuant to a sale or consignment relationship or otherwise, that it shall provide disclosure that such diamond has been treated by irradiation, processed under high pressure high temperature, Plasma Deposition color or clarity enhanced as the case may be. The supplier also agrees to comply in every way with all governmental laws, regulations and guides related to treated or enhanced diamonds in any manner, including without limitation, the guide published by the United States Federal Trade Commission, entitled "Guides for the Jewelry, Precious Metals, and Pewter Industries", dated April 2001, and in particular Sections 23.13 and 23.22 of such Guide. Supplier grants Prism Gem the right, at any time to review and audit all records of Supplier necessary to determine whether Supplier is complying with these terms.

Supplier hereby agrees to indemnify and hold Prism Gem harmless from any liability whatsoever related to any third-party claim of any nature regarding a diamond that has been treated by us, the transformation of the color of such diamond, or any enhancement of value of such diamond pursuant to such color transformation and clarity enhancements.

Process Liabilities

The processes used by Prism Gem for diamond enhancements are inherently safe. At our labs, we practice procedures to ensure highest level of safety and best outcome for the diamonds being processes. However, Prism Gem makes no representations or warranties regarding the processes, its success or failure rate, or any other matter related thereto. The supplier acknowledges and agrees that Prism Gem shall have no liability whatsoever, and that the supplier shall indemnify and hold Prism Gem harmless for any damage, delay in processing or failure to process any diamond the supplier provides to Prism Gem for treatment.

Shipping Liabilities

All shipments sent and received by Prism Gem using shipping labels generated by the company are insured for a maximum value declared by the customer. Shipping and insurance charges are assessed from the customer on the final invoice. Prism Gem is not responsible and cannot be held liable for any delays caused by the carrier, damaged article in shipment or lost packages. In case of loss or damage, Prism Gem will file claims with the carrier or the insurance company on behalf of the customer. Prism Gem cannot be held responsible for any reason (e.g. wrong address given by customer) if the claim is not honored by the insurance company. Customers sending and receiving packages using their preferred shipper are resposible for insuring the package if desired.

Changes in Terms and Conditions

Prism Gem reserves the rights to revise or change any of the terms and conditions stated in this document without prior notice to the supplier. The terms and conditions in this document are set as a guideline for the supplier/customer for the use of services provided by Prism Gem.

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