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Our company specializes in technology that can produce fancy colors in naturally occuring colorless diamonds. These lab colored natural diamonds are more affordable and available in various hues and saturation. Our labs also specialize in enhancement of diamonds with inclusions. We have processes available to remoave black carbon spots and improve the brilliance of a diamond by reducing appearance of feathers.
Coloring Services
Natural colorless or off-white diamonds can be enhanced to produce a variety of colors including hues of blue, green, yellow, pink, etc. The color can be permanently changed by inducing crystalographic changes using Irradiation process. Alternately, the color change can be made through a cosmetic enhancement using the Plasma Deposition process. More...

Clarity Enhancement
Feather like inclusions in diamonds can be filled with transparent material having refractive index close to that of diamond. Black carbon spots can be reduced by drilling microscopic tunnel and then injecting solvents to dissolve or bleach the inclusions. These processes can significantly improve appearance of your diamond without altering its intrinsic properties. More...

Diamond Jewelry Repairs
This is a value added service for customers who send their diamond jewelry for enhancements. This service includes jewelry cleaning, repolishing, ring resizing, lost diamond replacement, etc. More...
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