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Cancellations and Returns

Orders can be cancelled for full refund if it has not been shipped. We are confident that our diamonds will meet or exceed your expectations. All our diamonds are amongst the finest out there. It is dificult to find a replacement for the diamonds/jewelry listed on this website. To reinforce your confidence in our claim, we offer a 30-day returns from the day you receive your diamond/jewelry.

For cancellations and returns, just fill in the form below and submit online. We will review your cancellation/return request. In case of returns, we will generate a return shipping label and send it to you by email. Simply print this label and follow the return shipping instructions given below to return the diamond to us. A full refund of your purchase amount less return shipping fee of $15 will be made to you within 7 business days from the day we receive the returned diamond.

Cancel/Return Authorization

Fill in the form below and submit online for return authorization.
Feel free to contact customer care for any questions.

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