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Prism Gem Customer Reviews

"Kim, My 1 carat radiant never looked so sunny! I love it! I had some anxiety about the outcome, it's like an unborn child you hope it will be everything you imagined and then it turns out better than that. Thanks for a very fast turn around, and a overall great service. I am a bench jeweler so you can bet I will refer clients to you, or may handle it through me. Either way we will keep in touch I've got tour card in my rolodex. Sincerely, "
- A. Rollins, NC ( August 2011)

"Thanks Kim...appreciate your help and will definitely use you folks for services as needed in the future. Sincerely "
-D. Pitner (August 2011)

"Thank you so much, the ring looks great. I love it looks much better than before. thanks again "
-Rami, Canada (July 2011)

"Kim, Hope you are doing well - I received the parcel of blue diamonds - they are beautiful! thanks! "
-M. Kutner, NY (June 2011)

"Kim, I just wanted to let you know that I received my ring yesterday from UPS and I more than satisfied with the outcome of the color enhancement. It is truly beautiful and I am already receiving compliments on it. I also want to thank you for the great customer service and putting up with all my questions throughout the process. I will definitely be recommending you guys to anybody looking for your services. "
- E. Gallagher, MO (March 2011)

"Kim, just picked up my 1.34 diamond very pleased. fab job. 3 cheers for kim and the team. "
-J. Englatera. (March 2011)

"Hi, I got the diamonds they are beautiful thank you. Best Regards "
-D. Scalan, Canada (March 2011)

"I received the earrings today. They are very nice. Thank you! "
-G. Huffman, TX ( March 2011)

"Received the diamond today (processed for yellow color & clarity enhancement). Very-very nice. What a difference. It really turned out nice. I will use you again. Thanks. "
-K. Lindebac (March 2011)

"Hello there...I waited for a bit because I wanted to take some time with my ring before I provided some feedback. I just wanted to say that I am very pleased with the results. The clarity of the diamond is dramatically improved! It's absolutely gorgeous thanks to you! Thanks for doing such a fabulous job and thank you for providing such excellent customer service along the way! "
- S.D. (Feb 2011)

"Kim, Hello!! I just wanted you to know how very pleased I am with what you were able to do with my diamond. It is absolutely stunning! When I opened up my box I was just speechless - the ugly black inclusions were gone and my ring has never shined so bright! Thank you so much for your quick responses to my every single e-mail, you put my mind at ease through this whole process and I would recommend Prism Gem and your enhancement services to anybody! Thanks again! "
-K. McClure, MO (Feb 2011)

"Thank you. You made my day. My wife was in tears while looking at the ring. Her happiness made this the best deal :) "
- P. Patki, CT (Feb 2011)

"Hi Kim, Great to hear from you again. I must say I had a very nice experience with you & your service is immaculate. "
- K. Kwong, Hong Kong (Jan 2011)

"kim, just received my 1.5ct diamond, carnt believe its the same stone. its totally transformed. it is now a saleable item. fast first class service. "
- J. Manning, Great Britain (Dec 2010)

"I received my treated diamond yesterday and I love it. Thank you for all your assistance in making such an ugly diamond pretty. I will use Prism Gem in the future. Sincerely "
- C. Boyle ( Sept 2010)

"The stone arrived yesterday (7-8-10). It really looks great. It is at the jewelery being reset in a Tiff. mount. Color and brillance is better than I expected. Thanks again for nice work. Look forward to doing more business together. "
- J. Heller (July 2010)

"My wife loves the color and enhanced clarity of the diamond. You were able to turn a ring she hardly ever wears in to one of her favorites. Thank you. "
- M. Reynolds (Apr 2010)

"I love the work that you did on my 2.05 ct. Rd. I will send a 1.93ct Rd. Monday mail for the same clarification and irradiation to an intense yellow. Thank you for the services that you at Primgem have provided. "
-D. Hubbard (Apr 2010)

"I just received the diamond. WOW it is beautiful! What an improvement! Thank you! This has been and outstanding transaction. The communication and level of service is "top drawer". The price was very reasonable for all of the services performed. I would not hesitate to use your services in the future! "
-V. Newman (March 2010)

"Kim, I received my ring the day after you shipped it. It has gone from hideous to amazing. Your service is awesome as the turnaround time was extremely fast, communication was excellent and most of all, the stone is amazing! Thank you so much! "
- L. Newton, NE (June 2009)

"OMG - It is absolutely STUNNING. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have turned my brown diamond into an absolutely gorgeous blue diamond that is breathtakingly beautiful. I am so very very pleased. As you know it took me a couple of months to work up the courage to send the diamond to you as it was an expensive diamond even though the colour was not white and I was a bit apprehensive to send it overseas. Well I am ecstatic I did. "
- A. Mimnaw, Australia (June 2009)

"The two diamonds arrived today and I love your work. I have many more that I am considering sending to you, if you can improve their appearance."
- D. Hubbard, AR (June 2009)

"Dear Kim, I just got my ring, early even! I am thrilled with the results of the enhancement! You made me feel confident throughout this entire process, that my ring was in good hands. The overall look of my diamond has exceeded my expectations. The added sparkle really gives it a different look. Thank you to you and your staff for adding beauty to my special ring."
- L. Raymor, VT (April 2009)

"Hi, I received the rings by UPS yesterday, and they look wonderful!! The stones look fabulous! Thanks"
- S. Taylor, VA (February 2009)

"I received the blue diamond. It is perfectly lovely. I will recommend you to everyone."
- M. Sparrow, MN (November 2008)

"Ring looks great! Thanks a lot!"
- H. Torres, FL (August 2008)

"Thank you so much, Finally I can give the Diamond I promised to my wife ..."
- I. Elgueta, UT (June 2008)

"Kim, reced the diamond and really pleased with the results and your good service. Thank you for your personal attention and follow up "
- R. Gilbert, MS (June 2008)

"Have received ring, It does look considerably better, Many thanks for your great service, and I would recommend you To everyone. It's a shame you don't have a Lab in Australia. Cheers"
- J. Banks, Australia (May 2008)

"Hi Kim - sorry it has taken me so long to let you know that the BIG BAD AND UGLY DIAMOND that I sent to you actually came back MUCH NICER THAN I EVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE. Thank you very much."
- N. Hennessey, USA (April 2008)

"We received my diamond back this week (it was a 1.04 carrot, D, S1) and we had it enhanced. I want to say thank you because it looks GREAT!!!!"
- D. Dinel, Canada (March 2008)

"The stone came back beautiful, exceeded my expectation. the color gives it a whole new look. i am very happy with it. fast delivery too. thank you prism gem. another little feedback is that it would have been nice to email me the UPS tracking number, so that i know when to be home to wait for it. because it is signature required and if i missed it i have to pick it up myself or redelivery. that's inconvenient. please take that into consideration."
- A. Wong, WA (January 2008)

"Just received the clarity enhanced diamond, it looks fantastic."
- A. Armstrong, CA (July 2007)

"I received my ring today. WOW what service!! It looks much better and even has sparkle to it. Thanks so much. It fits great and looks so much better. I couldn't be happier with your service. Thank you so much!"
- C. Burgholzer, FL (April 2007)

"I received my ring today. I love the color and the diamond is very pretty now. Thank you so much and I will be sure to use your services in the future."
- C. Carlson, OR (January 2007)

"WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW You guys did an incredible job. It is just beautiful, A million thanks and my first born! Merry Christmas to everyone."
- L. Chambers, TX (December 2006)

"The Item has arrived safely, many thanks we look forward to working with you in the future"
- A. Matthews, United Kingdom (November 2006)

"I received my stone back last week and I am so pleased with the work you have done. I never could have imagined that my dull lifeless stone could be turned into such a beautiful gem. I want to also thank you for your fantastic customer service. I have to admit that I was scared to send my diamond to someone I had never worked with. You guys made the process very easy and I look forward to doing business with you in the future"
- H. Clemons, WA (January 2006)

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