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Diamond Cutting/Polishing and Jewelry Repair Services
We provide value added services for customers who send their diamond jewelry for enhancements. This service includes jewelry cleaning, repolishing, ring resizing, lost diamond replacement, etc

Diamond Cutting and Repolishing

Certain diamond imperfections like all external features can be fixed by repolishing or recutting the diamond. This may result in marginal weight loss but at the same time result in a pricier well cut diamond. Please refer to the FAQs section for examples on when recut or repolish may be necessary.

Jewelry Repairs

Jewelry repair services include ring resizing, replacing/resetting lost gemstones/diamonds, jewelry cleaning/polishing services, broken jewelry repairs, etc. Please refer to the FAQs section for more information.

Procedure and Pricing
Submit the diamond or the piece of jewelry that needs to be fixed to our office in New York City. Our in-house experts will inspect the diamonds/jewelry to determine necessary repairs. The expected results will be communicated to the client. At this point we require clients final approval and acceptance of our terms to process/repair the diamond/jewelry.

On client's approval, the diamond/jewelry is given to our jeweler/diamond cutter for fixation. The processing time varies but generally takes 7 to 10 business days. The diamond /jewelry is returned to the client as soon as it is ready.

To send a diamond/jewelry for processing please ship it to our New York address. Please contact a representative by phone, email or web before sending the diamonds. A local resident can set up an appointment and come in personally to submit the diamond for processing.

Pricing for diamond/jewelry repairs depends on the specific needs. It is determined based on nature of repair work. Please contact our representative with detailed description of nature of repair work required to get a quote.

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