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Our company specializes in technology that can produce fancy colors in naturally occuring colorless diamonds. These lab colored natural diamonds are more affordable and available in various hues and saturation. We have three processes available for coloration of diamonds. Each process has its unique niche.
Diamond Irradiation
This process uses a stream of electrons to alter the crystallographic structure of the diamond. This produces permanent change in the color of the diamond. The color is dependent on the intrinsic properties of the diamond crystal itself. The process is irreversible. More...

Plasma Deposition Coloring
This is a sophisticated vacuum deposition technique that coats the natural diamond with nanoscopic colored diamond like complex film. The film is permanent under normal wear and tear and unnoticable even under powerful microscopes. More...

High Pressure High Temperature Process (HPHT)
The HPHT Process can transform certain types of brownish diamonds to white or near white color. Other diamonds can be transformed to greenish, yellowish, or yellowish orange colored diamonds. More...
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