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Plasma Deposition Process

This nanotechnique bonds the pavillion surface of the diamond with a colored diamond-like material. The material is less than a millionth of an inch thick and does not alter diamonds weight for practical measurement. This treatment produces stable colors in the diamond which is hihly durable under normal wear and tear. The process can be reversed at our lab.

Diamond Irradiation | High Pressure High Temperature Process


This process is particularly popural for those colors that cannot be or are difficult to produce using the Irradiation Process. Pink, Purple, Violet, Red and Orange are most requested colors for this process. Blue, Green and Yellow colors are also possible. Please refer to the FAQs section to understand which diamonds are suitable for this enhancement.

Procedure and Pricing
Submit the diamonds to be color treated to our office in New York City. Our in-house experts will inspect the diamonds to determine the most suitable process for the best results. The expected results will be communicated to the client. At this point we require clients final approval and acceptance of our terms to process the diamond.

On client's approval, the diamond is submitted to our lab for color processing. This process usually takes 1 week. The stone is returned to the client as soon as it is ready.

To submit a stone for processing please ship it to our New York address. Please contact a representative by phone, email or web before sending the diamonds. A local resident can set up an appointment and come in personally to submit the diamond for processing.

Pricing for the Plasma Deposition coloring process depends on the specific needs. It is determined based on color required, size of the diamond submitted, total number of stones submitted, etc. Please contact our representative to get quotes for processing.

Quality Assurance
Through several years of scientific and empirical studies, our labs have been able to develop sophisticated and well-controlled processes for diamond coloration. We strive to bring out the best colors in every diamond that we process. Our process of coloration of diamond by irradiation can color diamonds without altering any of its other characteristics. After our process you get absolutely the same diamond with a beautiful fancy color of your choice and no weight loss or clarity depletion.

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