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Prism Gem, LLC also doing business as Diamond Hue is a privately held company located in the heart of New York's Diamond District. Started in 2004, globally it is the only company that provides comprehensive services for diamond enhancement. The services include diamond coloring, clarity enhancement and diamond cutting and repolishing. There are three options available for diamond colorations and color enhancement. These are Diamond Irradiation, Thin Film Coloring and HPHT. Laser drilling and fracture fill are the two processes used for the clarity enhancement of diamonds.

Prism Gem provides diamond enhancement services to diamond and Jewelry wholesalers, retailers and consumers worldwide. We primarily operate from our customer service center in New York City and process at our specialized labs spread within United States. Our customer representatives are knowledgeable and will guide you to process your gemstones for best enhancements. And our production engineers at our labs will process your diamonds with the highest level of consistency and quality.

Diamonds processed by our labs are set in jewelry by leading jewelry manufacturers gloabally. These manufacturers supply diamond jewelry to leading retialers, television networks as well as independent retailers worldwide. Some of the limited edition and exclusive colored diamonds and jewelries are also available for purchase on our website.

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Prism Gem LLC is doing business as Diamond Hue.